Cube provide the following services.

Our project management team provides a range of integrated professional services. We assign our managers with the right level of experience to your projects. Cube adopts a planned, organised and controlled approach to ensure successful delivery. Time, cost, quality and liability are our key drivers. We control and deliver projects to cost and programme whilst retaining flexibility to incorporate our clients’ business driven decisions. We continually assess risk whilst maintaining safety, achieving quality and maximising return on investment. Our clients return, safe in the knowledge that their projects will be delivered reliably, transparently and efficiently.

We have expertise in:

  • Full Project Co-ordination & Management Services
  • Development Management
  • Delivery of Fast Track Projects
  • Roll out Programme Management
  • Programme & Process Management

We understand the need to communicate transparently to all parties on the client’s team.

Cube, in the role of Employer’s Agent, take on the responsibility to co-ordinate the team on the client’s behalf. Our approach is inclusive. Working with a “one team” policy we encourage joint ownership of any issues. We administer the contract fairly, ensure compliance and protect our clients’ interests.

We provide support where appropriate, but ultimately we recognise that the client’s objectives being met are of primary importance. We work to ensure that all the team honour their commitments to achieve these objectives.

Services include:

  • Employer’s Agent & Contract Administrator
  • Management of the Design Process
  • Co-ordinating all Parties
  • Ensure the Client’s Brief is met
  • Issue timely Close Out Documentation

Management and budgeting of costs is a critical factor in the successful delivery of any project. We reassess costs at appropriate milestones; Feasibility, Contract Exchange, Planning, Pre Start and Post Contract.

Our knowledgeable team provide independent specialist advice on how to manage the diverse cost elements of construction projects from inception to occupation.

Our consultants are experienced Cost Managers and Quantity Surveyors who seek to understand our clients’ business needs in order to support them in meeting their project objectives.

The earlier we are appointed in the project cycle the more we can influence key cost drivers and obtain best value for our clients through the whole development cycle.

Our Services include:

  • Appraisal & Early Cost Advice
  • Budget and Detailed Cost Estimating
  • Cost Planning
  • Tender and Contract Documentation
  • Cost Forecasting
  • Client Reporting and Cost Management
  • Final Account and Claims Advice

With a broad base of consultancy and construction skills we provide development fund monitoring services. We need to dovetail our client’s investment into the development programme and ensure contract compliance.

Cube support the client’s ability to make informed decisions on their investments and provide practical advice on the key issues of expenditure, cash flow reconciliation, quality and programme, in order to limit exposure to development and funding risk. We work with developers to provide them with information to deliver.

Services available include:

  • Project Assessments
  • Development Appraisals
  • Programme Reviews
  • Risk Assessments
  • Project Progress Reporting
  • Site Monitoring
  • Project Close Out Reviews
  • Change Management
  • Cost Reimbursement
  • Contractual Compliance

Our experience in supporting clients with their acquisition needs is exceptional. Over the past five years we have appraised and assessed more than 2,500 sites.

As well as providing an essential support service for acquisition executives, we handle multiple and single site acquisition projects with full feasibility assessments. Our people strive continually to add value to the acquisition process and gain best value for the client. The support Cube offers enables the client to make informed land purchases, which reflect good investment returns with realistic risks.

Cube operates a fast, often same day service, that will put our clients in a prime position to negotiate and pursue potential sites. Our aim is to win the contract race.

Services include:

  • Desk Top Assessments
  • Full Feasibility Reports
  • Survey Instructions
  • Negotiation with Landlords or Developers Teams and 3rd Party Representatives
  • Liaison with Lawyers and Contract Advice
  • Appointment and Management of other Specialists
  • Agreement of Specifications
  • Co-ordination of Design Team & Planning Applications
  • Final Review

Our experienced team of Architects and Technicians represent and support projects throughout the UK. Cube’s Architects understand the importance that good design brings to any project. Focussing on our client’s needs and working with them to achieve their goals with an unrivalled client experience. We believe that designing and delivering projects is more than just delivering visually pleasing buildings, our team also develop economic, structural, and spatial design to deliver our clients’ requirements whilst raising their expectations.

Our team have a proven track record in initial site feasibility design, establishing viability, progression of design development through the planning and construction phases and thereafter through to completion.


Services include:

  • Identifying legal and physical development constraints.
  • Providing high-level summaries which identify early opportunities and risks.
  • Technical support during the acquisition process specific to every client’s individual needs.
  • Design and submission of viable planning solutions and ongoing approval support.
  • Development of detailed and efficient solutions to ensure best practice and best value is achieved at every stage of the construction development process.
  • Incorporating and utilising the latest digital design capabilities to support an online collaborative process.